Chemical Free Equipment for Kids

Do you want to provide your children with a healthy and fun childhood, ensuring that they get enough outdoor playtime besides study? Want your kids to develop social skills along with developing creative imaginations?

We, CG Games Store, bring you precisely what you need. Kids love playing pretend, using their imagination to create their own little worlds, and act like the heroes they see on TV! Our wooden toy pirate Swords set has three different and unique designs for your kids to explore incredibly fun ways to play with other kids and with you as well.

What makes our wooden toys the best?
🎯 Endless Possibilities for Endless Fun!
These kids play axes offer truly endless ways for your kids to play! Whether s/he playing cops and robbers, taking on a dragon, or just acting like an adorable little lumberjack, our wooden, handmade Swords make the perfect toy for children that like to use their creativity and imagination.
🎯 Safety of Your Kids:
We conduct a meticulous and strict quality check to make sure that our wooden toys are within our company product specifications and that they are safe for kids to use! Also, these toys do not contain any plastics, chemicals, or toxic materials to keep your children safe.
🎯 Eco-Friendly and Durable:
Aside from the fact that they never go out of style, they are also durable and eco-friendly. All of our wooden toys are made of natural beech wood that is sourced from renewable sources.
🎯 Other benefits and features that you'll love:
✅ Unpainted raw toys - your baby can paint on them to personalize and show creativity.
✅ Great gift for kids aged 5 or up.
✅ A fantastic addition to any costume party

Playing outdoors is not only fun for your kids, but it will also help develop their fine motor skills. Wooden toys can play a big part because they are the perfect props for pretend plays! Get all the sets now and give your little angle a fant