About Us

Do you want to make your kids play more outdoor games than virtual ones? We from CG Games can help you make your children leave phones and video games independently without any force from you.

CG Games is a new toy brand entirely made of ecological beech wood with no chemicals or synthetic materials.  With CG Games, your children will be healthier and more joyous and playful all at once.

All toys are handmade, created with infinite love because we care for children and strive to see their happy faces at any rate. The eco-friendly wooden toys are a perfect idea for a gift. Starting from five years old, you can make every girl or boy a queen or a cowboy. Not to mention how functional a wooden sword would be on Halloween night. They are simple toys that your little one can paint and customize. 

CG Games cares about every detail, and we are eager to make every child feel special. They will start to enjoy their childhood as they are supposed to do. Don't be amazed if you start playing with them too. CG Games can make every person feel like a child again. 

The creativity will rise immediately. CG Games turns every game into an adventure.

Thanks to the CG Games, your kids will have fun and stay safe at the same time. Provide that infinite happiness to your kids. CG Games take care of your children and spread the love with our handmade toys.